Starting year 2020
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Welcome to the website of the CogNes Doctoral Programme, a modern research initiative located in the heart of Europe at the Jagiellonian University, Institute of Psychology 

The Institute of Psychology offers comfortable working conditions and access to the state-of-art equipment, including eleven laboratories equipped with TMS, EEG (4), Finometer MIDI 2, and advanced VR goggles. The Doctoral School is an innovative teaching programme that is based on two pillars: interdisciplinarity and internationalization. Its goal is to prepare doctoral students to conduct independent research concerning social and cognitive sciences as well as neurosciences at the intersection of various disciplines.

CogNeS: interdisciplinary research hub

Rapid technological progress and accumulation of knowledge requires that we go beyond narrow specializations and be open to methods typical of various disciplines. This is why our Institute (in which CogNeS Doctoral School operates) collaborates for example with Jagiellonian University Medical School, Małopolska Centre of Biotechnology, and the Department of Cognitive Science at the Institute of Philosophy. This is how we make the exchange of knowledge and people between various circles possible. The curriculum is designed so as to encourage the transcending of traditional divisions into fields and disciplines.

CogNes Doctoral Programme offers the opportunity to develop a wide range of competencies, from social sciences to neuroscience, all based on a model of teamwork and individual tutoring.

Science knows no borders

CogNeS Doctoral School emphasizes the internationalization of doctoral students’ research work. We offer not only an increasingly internationalized community of researchers and doctoral studies, but also:

  • classes conducted by foreign lecturers and visiting professors,

  • a chance to participate in international projects,

  • support for foreign academic internships in order to improve research methods,

  • and trips to summer schools and foreign conferences, including big international events in Poland.