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CogNes is a full-time four-year PhD programme in English dedicated to providing well-rounded training in cognitive neuroscience

The key feature of CogNes programme is a flexible approach to the individual needs of the students, both through the selection of specialist courses corresponding to their needs, as well as the emphasis on close cooperation between the PhD students and their supervisors. The proposed courses will enable PhD students to acquire practical skills in the field of data analysis, writing scientific papers, developing presentation skills and more.

The CogNeS programme will be integrated with the Centre for Brain Research, a unique and recently founded research unit, to be open at Jagiellonian University in October 2020.

Graduates of the CogNes PhD programme will be a young scientist with knowledge in the field of cognitive neuroscience, specifically in the area covered by one’s PhD dissertation. They will have skills in the field of scientific research, data analysis and interpretation as well as their presentation during scientific conferences and in papers published in the world-renown magazines. A graduate of the program is prepared for undertaking scientific work in research centers and universities in Poland and abroad.

The initial CogNeS programme was launched thanks to the European Social Fund: grants POWR.03.02.00-00-I018/16-00 and  POWR.03.02.00-00-I015/17-00, operational programme Knowledge Education Development. Project’s main goal was to create and implement high-quality international studies in the field of cognitive sciences at the Jagiellonian University (2019-2023). Further details can be found here.